Earning Miles & Offers

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Earning Reward Miles

Where can I earn AIR MILES® reward miles faster?

Here are a few ways to collect faster:
• Know the Sponsors in your area
• Get a credit card that offers AIR MILES® reward miles, then earn AIR MILES® everywhere you shop! Earn them twice at Sponsors when you present both your AIR MILES® credit card and your AIR MILES® Collector Card!
• Visit airmilesshops.ca to extend the list of retailers that give reward miles no matter where you live
• Visit our Earn Miles page for more tips on how to earn AIR MILES® faster.


Program Information

What do I get when I join?

You'll be sent an Enrollment Kit, which will include 2 complimentary AIR MILES® Collector Cards (unless specified otherwise) and our "Guide to Free Rewards" which will provide you with information about the Terms and Conditions of the AIR MILES® Reward Program.

How do I stop getting emails from AIR MILES®?

You can opt-out of receiving emails by logging onto your Account with your Collector number and PIN. Simply:
•Click on "Your Profile".
•Click on "edit" in the Email section
•Uncheck the box

What is an AIR MILES® reward mile?

For every qualifying purchase you make from a participating Sponsor, you are rewarded with AIR MILES® reward miles. Collected reward miles can be redeemed for exciting Rewards.