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How do I replace my lost AIR MILESŪ card ?

If you don't know your Collector number log onto to retrieve your AIR MILESŪ Collector number and have it e-mailed to you. Click on 'Sign In' and just under the box for your Collector number click on the blue link Forgot Collector Number Once you have your Collector number, you can order a replacement Card by selecting the 'Account' tab at the top of our site and then Order Cards from the drop down menu. You will be asked to log in with your Collector Number and PIN. Having ordered the Cards, you can expect to receive them within the next 2-3 weeks. If you do not have an e-mail address or can't provide the one on file please Contact Us

What type of security is on my AIR MILES Collector Card now that I have signed up for AIR MILES Cash?

A great AIR MILES Cash feature is being able to lock and unlock your Account whenever you want. This way, you can manage your transactions if you have more than one Collector Card.

Do I need a PIN to Redeem instantly from my Cash balance?

A PIN is not needed to redeem in-store with participating Sponsors, but it is required online for eVouchers. For added security, you have the ability to lock your account for all AIR MILESŪ Cash redemptions through our website and our mobile app.

If I lose my Collector Card can someone else use it?

Yes, so it is a good idea to lock your Cash Account as soon as you lose your Card. Click the Self-Serve Tool link to lock your Cash Account and for other self serve options.

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Which mobile phones can I download the mobile application to?

Our AIR MILESŪ App is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. We also have a specially designed iPad app. For any device not supported by the AIR MILESŪ App, you can access a mobile version of our website at

How can I redeem for Rewards from my mobile app?

While at this time you cannot redeem via our mobile app, you can definitely do so on our website. Click on Redeem Miles from the homepage for a list of exciting Rewards.

Why doesn't the website display well on my phone?

Our website has been optimized for the latest Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices. For the best viewing experience, please ensure that you have the latest software updates.

Can I enroll for the AIR MILESŪ Reward Program on the mobile site?

Enrolling in the AIR MILESŪ Program can only be done by accessing the full website. Please visit, click on Enroll and follow the prompts to complete your enrollment.

What kind of messages will I receive if I opt in for SMS updates?

As a Collector, you will receive the latest Sponsor Offers and Promotions. If you would like to unsubscribe, text the word "STOP" to 26898 at any time. It may take up to 48 hours to be unsubscribed.

My PIN is locked, or I don't have a PIN. Can I get one on the mobile site?

This can only be done by accessing the full website. Please visit where you can reset or create a new PIN.

What are the benefits of downloading the AIR MILESŪ Smart phone App?

By downloading the AIR MILESŪ mobile app you will have access to your Collector Account at your fingertips.
You can use the AIR MILESŪ Smart Phone App to
• Check your AIR MILESŪ Account balance
• View your recent transactions
• View our Dream Reward Catalogue
• Locate Sponsors near you
And most of all you will be the first to learn about our exciting Offers and Promotions to help you build up your AIR MILESŪ balance faster.

Mobile Smartphone App

Are the offers on the AIR MILESŪ Smartphone App the same as on

Yes, the Offers that are in the Offers section of the AIR MILESŪ Smart phone app are the same as the ones on However, 'Check in' Offers are only available on the AIR MILESŪ Smartphone App.

Can I show my AIR MILESŪ Collector Card from my phone instead of pulling out my plastic Collector Card?

Yes, you certainly can! Most Sponsors will allow you to show your Collector Card on your mobile app or verbally quote your AIR MILESŪ Collector number.

Where can I download the AIR MILESŪ Smartphone App?

The App can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store or the Blackberry App World, and is free to download!