Activate your AIR MILES Cash balance

If you don't choose either of these options you'll continue to earn towards your existing Dream balance.

Instantly In Store

Instantly In Store

Instantly redeem reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance when you shop at participating Reward Partner locations.

Lawtons Drugs
AIR MILES eVouchers

AIR MILES eVouchers

Redeem reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance to receive eVouchers for shopping at participating Reward Partners. Use them yourself or share with a friend!

Club Voyages
Irving Oil
Ultimate Dining Card
Cineplex Entertainment
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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is AIR MILES Cash?

    AIR MILES® Cash lets you instantly use the Miles from your Cash Account in-store on everyday purchases when you shop at participating Partners. 95 Cash Miles gets you $10 that can be used at checkout, in $10 increments up to $750/day.

    You can also use your Cash Miles towards AIR MILES® Online Cash Rewards, available with participating Partners. Great for shopping online or in-store at a variety of Partners and starting at 95 Miles = $10, you can get Online Cash Rewards for yourself or share them with friends and family.

    To start using AIR MILES® Cash, setup the preference slider by clicking the Get Miles tab and selecting Set your preference. Doing this will allow you to begin getting Miles deposited into your Cash Account. Miles cannot be transferred between your Cash and Dream Accounts. However, you can change your preference as many times as you like. To set your preference, click here .

  • How do I set the Miles preference for my AIR MILES® Cash and Dream Accounts?

    Changing the preference of Miles deposited in your AIR MILES® Cash and Dream Accounts couldn't be easier! Click on the Get Miles tab and select Set your preference.

    Using the preference slider, you can setup or change the deposit preference for your Miles by moving the slider from 0% - 100% toward either your Cash or Dream Accounts. Once set, future Miles will be added to your accounts the way you want. Your preference can be changed as many times as you like and the change will take effect at 3:00am EST the following day.

    Not setting your preference means that, all Miles you get will automatically go into your Dream Account and you won't be able to take advantage of the offers and promotions available with AIR MILES® Cash. For more information or to set your preference, click here.

  • What is an Online Cash Reward and how do I order one?

    An AIR MILES® Online Cash Reward is like a virtual cash coupon, they're great for shopping online or in-store at participating Partners; starting at 95 Cash Miles = $10 you can get up to a maximum of $750 in Online Cash Rewards for yourself or share them with friends and family.

    To order an Online Cash Reward, sign into your profile with your Collector number and PIN - Then click the Get Rewarded tab and select Cash Rewards, scroll down a little and click AIR MILES® Online Cash Rewards.

    Once you've chosen your Online Cash Rewards and completed your order, you will receive two emails; one confirming your order and the other containing your Online Cash Reward. Instructions on how to use your Online Cash Reward will be included in the second email.

  • How can I use my AIR MILES® Cash Miles in-store?

    While at checkout show the cashier your AIR MILES® Card and let them know you would like to use Cash Miles towards your purchase. You'll need to be spending a minimum of $10 before tax; then every 95 Cash Miles will get you $10 off your purchase; these Miles can be used in $10 increments up to $750/day.

    For Collectors who have more than one Card or are looking for some extra protection on their Cash Account, we offer a feature that lets you lock and unlock your Cash Account whenever you want.

    Because you don't need a PIN to use your Cash Account, the lock feature helps you manage your transactions while keeping your Cash Account safe until you're ready to use it, or if you lose your Card.

    To protect your AIR MILES® Cash Account visit our Self-Serve Tools page and select Lock Cash account; for a shortcut to the page, click here.

  • How can I see the number of AIR MILES® Cash Miles I have?

    All you need to do is sign in with your Collector number and PIN, and the Miles in your AIR MILES® Cash and Dream Accounts will be displayed at the top of the page right under you name.

Are you a multiple Collector Card holder?Learn more on how to keep your Account safe