Activate your AIR MILES Cash balance

If you don't choose either of these options you'll continue to earn towards your existing Dream balance.

Instantly In Store

Instantly In Store

Instantly redeem reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance when you shop at participating Reward Partner locations.

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AIR MILES eVouchers

AIR MILES eVouchers

Redeem reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance to receive eVouchers for shopping at participating Reward Partners. Use them yourself or share with a friend!

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do I need to set my balance preference?

    Setting your preference will allow you to customize your AIR MILES® experience! Your preference will determine how Reward Miles you have Earned will be allocated between your AIR MILES® Cash and Dream balances.
    You will be able to Redeem instantly towards your everyday purchases in-store from your AIR MILES® Cash balance and/or you can Redeem from your Dream balance.
    You have the flexibility to change your preference at any time to decide how you would like to allocate the Reward Miles you Earn going forward.

  • Once I have set my balance preference, how do I start earning towards my AIR MILES Cash balance?

    You can continue to keep on earning your AIR MILES® Reward Miles by shopping at our Sponsors, through your AIR MILES® Credit Cards and through the various Bonus Offers as you have been earning.
    Your Reward Miles will be allocated to the balance of your choice according to the preference you set.

  • Can I transfer my existing reward miles into my AIR MILES Cash balance?

    Since AIR MILES® Cash is a new Program feature, only newly earned Reward Miles will be posted based on the ratios you have set for each balance. Any existing Reward Miles you had prior to setting up your Earn preferences, will remain in your Dream balance and cannot be transferred to your Cash balance. By setting your preferences, you are simply indicating how any newly earned Reward Miles will be allocated in your Account based on the preference you have selected.

  • Where can I redeem instantly for an AIR MILES Cash Reward?

    You can Redeem your Reward Miles in your Cash balance towards everyday purchases at any participating AIRMILES® Cash Sponsor locations.
    Please note that participating Sponsors vary from province to province.

  • What is an eVoucher?

    An eVoucher is an electronic voucher that can be instantly redeemed for online with reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance. eVouchers can be used with individual participating Reward Partners to reduce your purchase price by $10 for every 95 reward miles you redeem).

    Click Here to see participating Reward Partners in your area.

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