Get Rewarded

From once-in-a-lifetime experiences to everyday perks, here are all the ways to do more and get more as a Collector.

Reward yourself the way you want

Do you want in-store savings? Dreamy vacations? Exciting merchandise? Choose the option that best suits how you want to be rewarded.

Cash Rewards

Think everyday! Use your Cash Miles towards everyday shopping – like gas and groceries – at participating Partners.

Use the Miles in your Cash Account towards...

In-store Cash rewards

In-store purchases at participating Reward Partner locations for gas, groceries and more.

Online Cash rewards

Movie tickets, pizza, coffee and more with participating online Reward Partners.

Dream Rewards

Go big! Use your Dream Miles to get dreamy rewards like vacations, exciting events, cool merchandise or even a chance to win exciting prizes!

Use the Miles in your Dream Account for...

Events & Attractions

Have an experience to remember? Whether you're a foodie, concertgoer or sports enthusiast.

View events & attractions

Choose from a range of rewards from electronics to kitchen gadgets to home decor.

View merchandise

Book flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and more.

View Travel
Dream Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win something big, from trips to experiences to Grand Prizes of 10,000 Miles

20% OFF Blowout

Get all merchandise for 20% fewer Miles until April 2.

Cash Rewards, Dream Rewards or a bit of both?

As a Collector, the Miles you get can go into two different Accounts. Choose the one that suits you best or go for a mix of the two. You can change it at any time. Set your preference.

More benefits. More reasons to smile.

Being a Collector means getting to experience more than just rewards. Your AIR MILES® Card is your key to exclusive perks.


Exciting perks and discounts, just for being a Collector!

Stage Pass

Your ticket to the hottest shows across Canada with reserved ticket access, surprises, VIP contests, experiences and more.

Member Pricing

Use your Dream Miles to unlock great prices on awesome products.

Gold and Onyx™

The more Miles you get each year, the higher your level of benefits. Here are just a few that come with being Gold and Onyx™:


You're a step above when you're Gold, and so are the perks that go along with it.

  • Travel perks: Book select flights for up to 30% fewer Miles
  • Unforgettable events: Seasonal activities for 20% fewer Miles
  • Contests and giveaways: Get access to great merchandise and exciting Meet and Greet contests

Reach Gold by getting 1,000 Miles in a calendar year.


Onyx™ is how we thank our very best Collectors, with exclusive experiences that are, quite simply, Miles above.

  • Travel perks: Book select flights for up to 40% fewer Miles
  • Top service: Priority Service at our Call Centre
  • Personal Shopper Service: A team dedicated to help you find the perfect reward

You can reach Onyx™ by getting 6,000 Miles in a calendar year.

Getting Miles for your Business?

Let's get your Miles working as hard as you do. Register your Profile with AIR MILES® For Business and get access to exclusive offers, events, articles and more.